Friedrich’s Vert-I-Pak packaged units are a popular choice with commercial modular builders, company officials said.  

The units provide modular builders with a compact, packaged profile that can fit into a closet and can be incorporated into the overall modular manufacturing process. This results in a simple and straightforward installation, where electrical, drainage and duct connects can all be done by one HVAC technician.

“It’s about as plug-and-play as you can get,” said T.J. Wheeler, vice president of marketing and production management at Friedrich. “Modular builders love it because it saves a tremendous amount of time, requires minimal labor, is completely out of sight, and it reduces callbacks. Residents also love the comfort and convenience it offers because it’s quiet and efficient.”

Friedrich’s Vert-I-Pak units were used for a project at Magnolia by the Lakes, a 125-unit senior living modular apartment complex in Keego Harbor, Michigan. Friedrich worked with Champion Commercial Structures, the modular builder leading the project, to incorporate Vert-I-Pak units into the manufacturing process.

“For Champion, Friedrich provided the upfront installation assistance and the back-end warranty support that will assure superior interior climate comfort for years to come,” said Steve Snyder of Champion Commercial Structures.

Friedrich’s Vert-I-Pak includes units as small as 23 inches wide and larger units that are 1.5 tons and a minimum of 32 inches high. The 2-ton units are 47 inches high. Friedrich also offers Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute-certified models with cooling capacities ranging from 9,000 to 24,000 British thermal units.

“Innovative modular building products require innovative solutions,” Wheeler said. “Our Vert-I-Pak systems solve many challenges commercial modular builders face today, while ensuring satisfied, happy tenants tomorrow.”