McQuay International has new modular central plants available.

New modular central plants from McQuay International make on-site installation quicker and easier, company officials say.

Factory-assembled, the units cost less per ton when compared with site-built systems, and offer an energy-efficient design that lower operating costs.

Company officials say they are ideal for new construction or fast-track schedules where cooling cannot be interrupted.

“Modular systems are normally associated with existing facilities that need additional cooling in a hurry,” said Terry Young, general manager of McQuay’s Solutions division.  “However, these units are built so efficiently, cost-effectively and of such high quality that they rival traditional site-built systems for performance.”

The plants include McQuay water-cooled chiller with pumps, a cooling tower and interconnected piping. Chiller models are available in screw, scroll, centrifugal or magnetic bearing compressor versions. Redundant water pumps, redundant cooling towers, a waterside economizer, a boiler module and a chilled water secondary pump module are available as options.