Sheet metal products maker M&M Manufacturing has purchased Snappy Co. Terms were not disclosed.

The Marietta, Georgia-based Snappy is a large supplier of galvanized duct and fittings whose products include diffuser boxes, elbows, drain pans, cleats, collars, takeoffs and boots.

Officials with M&M parent company MiTek Industries Inc. said Snappy’s product line will complement M&M’s lineup of air distribution and ventilation items.

“We are excited to welcome Snappy in the family of MiTek companies,” said Tom Manenti, chairman and CEO of MiTek. “The experience and relationships of Snappy and M&M will be leveraged across all of our manufacturing platforms in order to expand capacity and customer service levels. Combining the manufacturing capacities of M&M Manufacturing and Snappy will allow both companies to better serve our customers and grow in the markets we serve together.”

M&M President Rob Felton said Snappy is a great addition to his company.

“Snappy has been a market leader for more than 60 years, and Snappy’s reputation has been built on a heritage of great customer service, product innovation and a focus on people," Felton said. “That’s a perfect fit for M&M Manufacturing, and we look forward to leveraging each other’s expertise and capabilities.”