NAHB officials will find out tomorrow if the candidates it supported will win election.

The National Association of Home Builders endorsed 137 U.S. House and Senate candidates in Tuesday’s election — the first time the group had officially supported any candidates.

"The Democratic and Republican incumbents and candidates that NAHB is endorsing have demonstrated a commitment to make housing and homeownership a national priority and to advance policies that will put families in homes and spur job and economic growth," said NAHB Chairman Ed Brady, a home builder and developer from Bloomington, Illinois. "The next Congress must focus on housing and tackle pressing issues that are holding back a more robust housing and economic recovery.”

Brady said Congress has failed to fix the nation’s housing problems, and the NAHB decided it needed to become active in supporting pro-housing lawmakers. The association will be urging Congress in 2017 to streamline regulations, protect tax credits and deductions, and enact housing finance reform.

"Housing is critical to a strong and prosperous nation," he said. "These policies will promote homeownership, provide rental housing opportunities and keep housing and the economy moving forward."

A list of the NAHB’s preferred candidates are here. The association said it does not make an endorsement for president.