Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. is participating in the U.S. Energy Department’s Zero Energy Ready Home program.

The program allows builders of high-efficiency, green HVAC homes to promote that their projects are third-party verified as up to 50 percent more efficient than a standard dwelling.

“As a global producer of advanced energy-efficient heating, cooling and hot water systems, Bosch Thermotechnology is in a strong position to enable builders and developers to select a portfolio of sustainable home comfort products from one supplier,” said Mark Stimson, a key builder sales manager for Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. “These products reduce homes’ energy usage with the aid of innovative design, energy efficiency and ‘smart’ Wi-Fi communicating control systems.”

Under the program, builder can choose to use Bosch geothermal heat pump HVAC systems and other products than can contribute to a zero energy building.

Sam Rashkin, chief architect with the U.S. Department of Energy’s building technologies office, said they were glad Bosch was participating.

“The Department of Energy is proud to partner with companies such as Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. to educate homeowners how they can get homes that leading experts would choose by simply asking builders for the Zero Energy Ready Home label,” he said.

More information on the program is here.