The New Jersey state Air Conditioning Contractors of America is joining with a home-performance organization for its 2015 conference.

The chapter announced that it is “strategic partner” with the Home Performance Coalition for its Oct. 20-21 ACI Mid-Atlantic Regional Performance Conference in Cherry Hill, N.J.

“The NJACCA is excited to be a partner with the 2015 ACI Mid-Atlantic Regional Home Performance Conference,” said NJACCA Executive Director Patrick Stewart. “NJACCA members will benefit from the excellent curriculum this conference is offering. Whether it is on the leading industry technologies, indoor air quality best practices or delivering better sales, this conference will benefit the highly skilled members of our organization.”

The Home Performance Coalition is a new group, formed after the merger of the National Home Performance Council and Affordable Comfort Inc.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with NJACCA on our Mid-Atlantic conference as HVAC contractors are critical to the Home Performance Coalition achieving its goals,” said the coalition’s vice president of operations, Nate Natale. “NJACCA’s members have the customer base and are in residents’ homes at least twice a year. The more HVAC contractors who adopt and implement the whole house approach, the closer we will get to retrofitting all of our existing housing stock, which ultimately is our goal. Home performance and HVAC are a natural fit and we are excited to continue to facilitate this connection with NJACCA in Cherry Hill this fall.”

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