As part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary, Carlisle HVAC Products has redesigned

In addition to live chat and easier search functions, company officials say they are most excited about the “collections” feature, which allows visitors who register with a password to save their own HVAC construction documents online.

HVAC market contractors, distributors and representatives can use the feature to accumulate information related to projects and access them from anywhere.

Company officials said they hoped the industry would take advantage of the site.

“The goal is customer service, which is of prime importance to Carlisle HVAC Products,” said marketing manager Billy Prewitt. “A functional, user-friendly website is just one of many ways we intend to perpetuate our reputation of superior customer service.”

The website also offers access to the company’s online calculators such as DuctSense and the Spray Seal labor estimator.

 “Carlisle HVAC Products is very proud of its years of service and ingenuity in the HVAC industry, and we wanted to launch a more efficient website that mirrors the efficiency of our organization,” said Prewitt.