A Boston startup has received $6.9 million in funding — including a major investment from Emerson — to develop its “smart” home zoning system.

Officials with Ecovent say they have received more than $1 million in preorders for the company’s  Internet-connected green HVAC system that uses wireless sensors and remotely controlled vents to ensure optimum temperatures in every room.

The system is controllable through a smartphone application.

“Today’s cars allow passengers and drivers to set individual temperatures, yet most homes have only one adjustable zone, and it's time to change that,” said Dipul Patel, CEO and co-founder of Ecovent. “We developed the Ecovent system to give people room-by-room temperature control in any home — automatically.”

Patel said HVAC construction contractors will find that Ecovent is less expensive and easier to install than traditional zoned HVAC market systems.

And that’s what attracted the attention of Emerson Climate Technologies, said Bob Sharp, Emerson’s executive vice president and climate technologies business leader.

“With Ecovent, we see the potential to fix an issue that has gone unsolved in the residential HVAC industry for decades,” Sharp, Emerson executive vice president and climate technologies business leader. “Ecovent’s ability to function seamlessly in tandem with Emerson’s solutions for home comfort and energy efficiency makes them a natural fit as an investment and strategic partner.”

Patel said he was excited to have a major HVAC sales company like Emerson supporting the product.

“It’s incredibly exciting to have the support of an industry titan like Emerson to help us bring Ecovent to a larger audience as we change the way homeowners experience comfort in their homes,” he said.

Ecovent was named Automation Device of the Year at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.