Three HVAC program students from a Georgia community college will receive $5,000 each from Shurtape toward their education if they complete the company’s “Shurtape Mission: HVAC, Educating for Success” program.

Daniel Buth, Josue Trejo and Matt Morris, all enrolled at Athens Technical College in Althens, Ga., are being challenged by HVAC construction tapes maker Shurtape Technologies LLC will special projects every month designed to test their skills. 

As part of the program, each student has agreed to write about their experiences through a blog at

If the students complete all 10 projects and the school’s HVAC market courses, each student will receive $5,000. Completing Athens Tech’s HVAC construction program takes approximately two years.

The HVAC market needs more qualified candidates, said Glenn Walter, product manager for building and construction tapes at Shurtape.

“Skilled trades, including the HVAC field, face a worrisome future as many skilled workers will be retiring over the next few years, leaving a void of replacements,” Walter said. “Trade school can be expensive, but provides the quality educational background that is highly sought after by employers. There’s a strong and viable future in HVAC, especially since it’s a career path with year-round demand. Our Mission: HVACprogram is designed to highlight the training required to become an HVAC professional and also celebrate these students’ numerous accomplishments.”