The American Welding Society has partnered with WorldSkills, an international competition that promises trades careers.

The society will have a major presence at August’s WorldSkills competition, which will feature “virtual” welding, “mini” welding as well as HVAC construction contents.

"There is no doubt about it, the global demand for skilled professionals, especially in the fabrication, manufacturing and metal joining industries is skyrocketing,” said Jeff Kamentz, the welding society’s director of international development. “This is a truly global trend that requires the coordination of anyone and everyone with a stake in the game and we are pleased to join forces with the leadership at WorldSkills who share our passion and commitment towards supporting the growth of the professional skilled workforce in such great demand now and into the future.”

The AWS added that its participation in Mexico’s recent Weldmex was a major success, attracting 11,000 from Mexico and Central and South America.