Attendees of May’s Oil and Energy Service Professionals HVAC market convention will have an opportunity to experience the association’s new gold-level certification programs -- free.

The HVAC construction technical training sessions on May 19-20 are sponsored by Bioheat, Honeywell and Taco, and are free to attend, officials said.

“The National Oilheat Research Alliance is in the process of revamping its Gold Certification Program,” said alliance President John Huber. “This core certification has been used since the inception of NORA to enhance the training of the industry’s top technicians and recognize their achievements. The existing gold program has been focused on efficiency. However, industry leaders from NORA and the National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionalsrecognized the technical advancements in the industry in recent years, and sought a program that would ensure that heating oil customers received the best service and that modern technology was integrated into the industry. To achieve this, NORA and OESP have been working on training manuals in the new core subjects, air-flow, hydronics, controls, steam, and venting. These training programs will be released over the course of 2015 and will be the core of the new gold.” 

The full HVAC market conference schedule is at