HVAC market company White-Rodgers has given $2,000 to Home for Our Troops, a charity that helps wounded soldiers return to houses designed to allow them to live as independent lives as possible.

Ron Miles, White-Rodgers’ vice-president of aftermarket sales, said the donation comes from the Emerson Charitable Trust.

The White-Rodgers HVAC construction products company is part of Emerson Climate Technologies.

Homes for Our Troops was founded by John Gonsalves in 2004. The Massachusetts construction supervisor was watching a television news report about a soldier who had lost his legs from a roadside bomb in Iraq and wondered what was being done to help injured veterans.

He discovered it was not enough. Most existing homes for handicapped people did not take into consideration the unique struggles faced by returning soldiers with war injuries.

Gonsalves’ charity changed that. Using donations of money, materials and labor, it builds new homes or renovates existing ones to make injured veterans’ lives as comfortable as possible.

The work is done at no cost to the veteran, and they do not have to pay a mortgage on the property.