A green HVAC heat pump from Maytag has been picked as a “best buy” by Consumers Digest magazine.

The modulating heat pump model PSH4BI with iQDrive and up to a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 22 was named a best buy because it “remains one of the most efficient series that (they) found that has an inverter-driven compressor, which modulates operation speeds in a way that allows the models that are in this series to use only the energy that’s required to heat your living space,” Consumers Digest writers said. 

Inverter-driven, the rotary compressor helps cut down on noisy and expensive on-off cycles. It modulates between 40 percent and 118 percent, which saves customers money, the HVAC market company says.

Previous Maytag models earning the HVAC sales designation include the PSA4BI air conditioner and PSH4BI heat pump.