HVAC sales products maker Unico will take part in a contest sponsored by This Old House magazine.

As part of the magazine’s sweepstakes, Unico is supplying a green HVAC high-velocity air handler, an outdoor inverter heat pump, a high-wall split unit, ducting and HVAC construction system design support. The prize value is $25,000.

“We participated in the giveaway last year and thought it was a great way to tell homeowners about the advantages of the Unico System,” said Scott Intagliata, marketing director at Unico. “Our target customers are families who are renovating or updating older homes, particularly houses that have never had central air or heating. Our small duct system can be installed with very little impact to a house or building’s architectural integrity, and owners of historic homes really appreciate that benefit.”

 The contest runs through Sept. 2. Visit www.thisoldhouse.com/win for details.