The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers have joined the BlueGreen Alliance.

It joins 15 other unions and environmental groups — including the HVAC market Sheet Metal Workers union — that are part of the alliance.

“Our members are working every day to ensure that our built infrastructure is energy efficient,” said Bricklayers union President James Boland. “By joining the BlueGreen Alliance, we’re showing our commitment to a better future for workers and the environment. Addressing climate change and preparing for its impacts is an opportunity to create quality, family-sustaining jobs, and the BAC wants to be part of the unique partnership working to achieve that vision.”

Also announcing its membership was EDF Action, the political action committee of the Environmental Defense Fund.

“Tackling the nation’s environmental challenges — including addressing the threat of climate change — presents an enormous opportunity to grow our economy and to create good jobs, but that opportunity can only be captured through innovation and collaboration,” said EDF Action President Elizabeth Thompson. “The BlueGreen Alliance was founded on the belief that we can’t choose between jobs and the environment. We have to have both, and we have to work together to make that happen. We are thrilled to be joining this strategic partnership dedicated to making that vision a reality.”

United Steelworkers union President Leo W. Gerard, a co-founder of the Blue Green Alliance, said the more members it has, the stronger its voice— and the more work for union members.

“The solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges are available now, and this partnership is essential to ensuring that jobs are created and the economy grows along the way,” Gerard said.