Organizers of this month’s Fabtech Canada show are trying to get out the message that sheet metal forming and manufacturing is not a dirty job that requires more brawn than brains.

“Young people would be wise to look to manufacturing as a sound career choice, with its current skilled workforce shortage and wide range of financial and growth opportunities,” said Janine Saperson, SME event manager, one of the March 18-20 trade show’s organizers. “The industry has become increasingly attractive to up-and-comers who recognize that manufacturing is a dynamic field that is constantly producing cutting-edge technologies.”

Show officials are especially reaching out to women, whom have historically been underrepresented in the industry. Gail Smyth, executive director of Skills Canada-Ontario, is scheduled to speak as part of a panel on women in manufacturing March 18.

“There are many myths out there about the industry – from it being dirty and low paying, to lacking in opportunities – yet these ideas couldn’t be farther from the truth,” Smyth said. “Young people, from elementary to high school and beyond, are encouraged and actually excited once these myths are dispelled and they learn about the many possibilities available to them.”

The show will take place at the Toronto Congress Center. Details are available at