Aeroseal has debuted HomeSeal, an aerosol duct-sealing system that makes the process easier and less expensive, the company says.

HomeSeal is a complete redesign of the Aeroseal duct-sealing product line, the manufacturer said. Now more compact, it reduces the number of components and

connections needed to set up the equipment. The assembly is now housed in a single, portable unit. 

Aeroseal has also reduced the upfront costs necessary purchase the system. For contractors that sell Aeroseal products, that all means more revenue — and profit, they add.

“A duct sealing project that used to take us about half a day to complete now takes about three hours with the new HomeSeal equipment,” said Tim Fortunatel, a lead technician at Mason Mechanical in Mesa, Ariz. “Less trips to the truck to get equipment, less plugs and cords to hook up and less time actually doing the sealing. And since I now spend less time with the equipment, I can spend more time with the customer – something that really pays off in the end.”

Doug Beiser of Hader Heating and Cooling in Cincinnati, said the system helps his company stand out in the market.

“When we install a new heating or cooling system or visit a customer for maintenance and repair, more often than not, the conversation leads to issues regarding energy savings and indoor comfort,” Beiser said. “As a licensed Aeroseal dealer, I can now offer a real energy-savings solution that sets us apart from our competitors and places our business squarely in the home energy-efficiency improvement market.”