The U.S. Green Building Council announced it would postpone voting on the 2012 version of LEED until next year.

“LEED pushes the envelope to bring transformation to the market - that’s what we do,” said Scot Horst, senior vice president of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. “We remain committed to that, and to making sure that what we deliver is complete and can be successfully implemented.”

Because of the delay, LEED 2012 is being renamed LEED version four, the council announced.

Other changes made to the proposed updated standard's implementation include continuing to have the marketplace “test drive” the new standard and adding a fifth round of public comments this fall for Greenbuild attendees to have their say.

The changes were made at the request of members, officials said.

"This is 100 percent in response to our members’ desire that we give them a bit more time to absorb the changes in this next version of the rating system,” said USGBC President and CEO Rick Fedrizzi. “We want to do everything we can to ensure that the market can fully embrace LEED (version four) because it represents significant progress on carbon reduction and human health. Greenbuild will provide us the perfect venue to experience the look and feel of the new system as an integrated package. Then we can take the first part of 2013 to make sure the consensus body has everything it needs for a successful ballot.”