An ASHRAE standard dealing with energy efficiency and certain redidential structures is undergoing a second round of public comments.

Anyone interested in weighing in on revisions to ASHRAE standard 90.2, “Energy-Efficient Design of Low-Rise Residential Buildings,” is invited to comment through this website until June 18.

Society officials say the revisions incorporate a new way of ensuring efficiency. The revisions were written to help buildings be 50 percent more efficient than those that follow the existing 2007 standard, which is based on the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code

“The key to accomplishing residential building energy performance is in the delivery of an accurate, flexible, performance-based standard to enable user creativity in meeting the performance objectives,” said Theresa Weston, Ph.D., chairwoman of the standard committee. “More importantly, this standard provides a mechanism by which any residential building design can be easily evaluated against these performance objectives. By establishing a clearly defined rules set for energy performance modeling, users such as home builders, can easily assess various designs, material options, orientations and other variables to evaluate predicted energy performance.”

A first round of public comments was received in December 2016. The new comments will be discussed at ASHRAE’s 2018 annual meeting June 25-26 in Houston, officials said.