On the anniversary of the signing of the landmark U.S. health care law, the Associated Builders and Contractors wants Congress to jettison it.

“Since this bill was signed into law, small business owners have watched insurance premiums increase, and in some cases their plans discontinued, forcing some to purchase more expensive policies or drop their coverage,” said 2011 ABC National Chairman Michael J. Uremovich, president of Great Lakes Energy Consultants LL in Manhattan, Ill. “Ultimately, this law fails to curb the cost of health care coverage and imposes new taxes and costly and burdensome federal government mandates on small businesses, including construction contractors.”

The association had opposed the bill throughout its debate and passage.

“For years, ABC has been calling on Congress to advance common-sense, free-market proposals that address the skyrocketing costs of health insurance, especially for employer-sponsored plans, as well as the rapidly rising number of uninsured Americans,” Uremovich said. “ABC believes true reform should provide greater choice and affordability and allow private insurers to compete for business.

“We urge Congress to repeal this health care law that has only served to hurt small businesses and increased premiums for millions of Americans,” Uremovich said.

The U.S. House, now under Republican control, voted 245-189 to repeal the law Jan. 19. The bill is not expected to advance in the Democratic-controlled Senate, and President Barack Obama said he opposes the repeal effort. A number of states have also filed suit against the law, saying the insurance mandate within it is unconstitutional.