Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 will be certifying energy audit technicians, thanks to a federal grant. 

St. Louis-based Sheet Metal Workers union Local 36 have been picked to host energy-audit training courses.

The International Training Institute picked Local 36's training facility to host the courses, which will certify graduates as energy audit technicians.

“We’re thrilled to be hosting these courses and helping our workers become more diverse in their skills,” said Dan Andrews, coordinator of Local 36's joint apprenticeship program. “At Local 36, we take pride in the advancement of sustainable initiatives within our industry and are looking forward to continuing that tradition.”

The school is one of five picked by the training institute to certify level one energy auditors. The schools will receive special funding thanks to a grant from the U.S Labor Department for facilities in communities hard-hit by layoffs in the automotive industry.

“These courses are an excellent opportunity to showcase not only our commitment to sustainable and efficient energy solutions, but to help sustain our work force and make our workers more valuable to our customers,” Andrews said.

All sessions are to be done by the end of the year.