The recently updated Manual D focuses on residential duct system. 

RSES, formerly known as the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, is offering a popular HVAC manual to members.

The recently updated Manual D from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America focuses on residential duct systems including variable-air-volume guidance; excess length, sag and compression in flexible ducts; and new equivalent length values for flex duct junction boxes.

“ACCA’s Manual D covering residential duct systems is a tremendous guide written to ensure the proper sizing and installation of both ductwork and equipment,” said John Iwanski, the RSES’ director of publishing. “Its nearly 300 pages of information on duct-system types, applications, selection, the effect of duct leakage, pressure loss and more will help technicians provide customers with a quality installation-and provide the energy-efficiency savings that today’s high-efficiency equipment is capable of supplying.  RSES is pleased to be able to supply this information to members and nonmembers alike.”

Ordering information is available by calling (800) 297-5660 or visiting the RSESwebsite .