The Metal Alliance for Sustainable Building is sponsoring a May 20 online seminar about the new group and its mission.

At 2 p.m. Eastern time, Scott Kriner, president of Green Metal Consulting in Macungie, Pa.; Tom McKay, product manager for PPG Industries, Springdale, Pa.; and Bob Scichili president of Robert Scichili Associates in Richardson, Texas, will talk about the alliance.

“The market is evolving from simple, single product solutions to integrated building systems,” Scichili said. “All components of the roof and wall assembly, even installation techniques, can impact overall efficiency of a building. So creating MASBE was a natural next step in expanding awareness of the performance of metal assemblies in what is now most critical - total building performance.”

Kriner said the group needed to be proactive.

“Codes, standards and legislation are now emphasizing the importance of building-envelope assembly performance rather than the performance of individual components,” Kriner said.

McKay said the group’s message will be that metal is the right solution in many circumstances.

“The information that we generate will be used by our members’ educational efforts to focus on promoting metal as the ideal platform for building integrated technologies that improve thermal, environmental and sustainable performance of buildings,” he said.

For information about the group or its Webinar, call (248) 641-2124.