Members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America can see how they stack up with other contractors when it comes to technician compensation. The ACCA has released its third technician compensation and benefits survey, which builds on previous versions and adds additional responses concerning the current economic conditions.

“When you’re trying to attract and retain the best HVACR talent available to your company, you need to be armed with information about what’s available in the marketplace,” says Hilary Atkins, ACCA general counsel and author of the report. “This report will allow contractors to size up their own offerings against others in the industry, making for a well-researched strategy for compensating their technicians.”

The study was created from data provided by 443 HVACR contractors nationwide. Items covered include annual base salaries for technicians, benefits for full-time technicians, and contributions to healthcare plans. Information is also included on bonuses, commission and overtime.

The data from the survey is also compared based on factors such as geography, employee numbers and sales volume.

“Technician Compensation and Benefits, A Benchmarking Guide for HVACR Contractors” is now available at the ACCA’s online store. For more information,