Rehau has joined with AgIon Technologies to add its anti-microbial coatings to the Ecoair ground-air heat-exchange system.

Rehau Inc. has joined with anti-microbial coatings maker AgIon Technologies to add its product to Rehau’s new Ecoair ground-air heat-exchange system.

Ecoair uses the ground’s stable temperatures in condition incoming air, which improves ventilation and lowers HVAC costs, officials say.

The system’s air inlets, filter and condensation-control components use AgIon’s silver-based germ-fighting coatings.

“Our partnership with Rehau has resulted in the launch of a state-of-the-art HVAC system that combines energy-efficient operation with natural antimicrobial protection,” said Paul Ford, AgIon CEO. “With green building initiatives at the forefront of the industry, AgIon has become the preferred antimicrobial of HVAC manufacturers.”

AgIon’s coatings help Rehau’s system work better, added Scott Emery, manager of civil engineering and infrastructure at Rehau.

“As a result of condensation during the cooling season, the typically moist environment in a ground-air heat exchange system’s pipe can be conducive to microbial growth,” Emery said. “Thus, in addition to allowing for condensate drainage and inlet-air filtration, we have partnered with AgIon to incorporate a unique formula that includes silver particles, which are a natural inhibitor to such growth, into the inner layer of the Rehau Ecoair pipe.  Our work with AgIon has fostered a unique solution in ground-air heat exchange that delivers controlled ventilation while providing notable HVAC system energy savings.”