It's a a good start, the Alliance to Save Energy says.

The Alliance to Save Energy said it was pleased the $838 billion economic stimulus bill passed today by the U.S. Senate includes $30 billion for energy efficiency, but added more needs to be done.  

“The Senate bill would pump substantial federal dollars into energy efficiency programs that return many times their original level of investment to taxpayers in the form of energy savings and new jobs, not to mention important environmental benefits,” said Alliance President Kateri Callahan.

She praised the Senate bill for its funding, of energy-efficiency research and development.

“Nevertheless, the Senate bill is disappointing compared to the House bill, with its $50 billion for clean-energy investments,” Callahan added.

Other improvements the alliance is seeking include a $300 million rebate program for Energy Star-approved appliances and $600 million for heat, power and waste-recovery technologies.

The bill, which passed 61-37, is expected to now head to a House-Senate conference committee, where lawmakers will attempt to reach agreement on a final version to send to President Barack Obama.