Few climates find cooling systems more vital than Florida, where residents often hop from one cool indoor environment to another to escape the brutal heat and sun. When Tim Murphy joined Tropic Supply Inc. in Sunrise, Florida, his 30 years of experience working on “just about everything that has to do with cooling or freezing” was invaluable.

As a technical support specialist at one of Florida's largest independent distributors of wholesale HVACR equipment with 22 locations, Murphy looks for quality products that deliver performance and value at a price that fits most budgets. 

As a result, Murphy immediately knew the LYNX™ 18 SEER Inverter Heat Pump fit perfectly into this category when it launched in 2021 under the Ducane™, Concord® and Allied™ brands. The versatile system was designed by Allied Air Enterprises, a Lennox International Inc. Company, as a smart, easy-to-install heat pump that quickly adapts with AHRI-rated units and is compatible with a wide range of existing indoor equipment. Powered by intelligent algorithms instead of expensive, proprietary thermostats, the LYNX 18 was also developed to work with most conventional 24v heat pump thermostats, no matter the brand. 

“This is definitely the unit for customers that want a highly-efficient, cost-effective inverter system that easily connects with their existing equipment,” Murphy says. “As opposed to similar systems, the LYNX has the built-in adaptability to work with a wide range of thermostats, air handlers and controls.”

“In addition, the LYNX’s low voltage hookup utilizes a standard, two-stage system that removes the installation guesswork and is really straightforward. With most other systems, you have to get up into the board. With the LYNX, you just have to move the jumpers around, input the wires and plug it in the system. The piping system, which includes the suction and liquid line as well as the valve ports are also very accessible, which is another advantage for HVAC pros looking to make installation easier.” 

The unit’s ability to withstand corrosion, especially in Florida’s hot, humid climates and beach environments also gained Murphy’s admiration. This is due mainly to features like The LYNX 18 Omniguard® Total Corrosion Protection Technology which helps it stand up to harsh climates and a factory-installed Suction Line Filter Drier to save time during installation. 

“Another distinct benefit surrounds the unit’s overall design,” Murphy explained. “The LYNX is not only extremely efficient; it covers a wide range of applications with only two models that cover 2- to 5-ton applications.

Having one for two- and three-ton jobs and another for four- and five-ton applications will greatly increase the stocking space available for other items, while expediting the quoting process since you only have to price two separate systems. Plus, the units are definitely more compact and easier to store, which works to everyone’s advantage including the contractor and homeowner.”

As for overall performance, Murphy feels homeowners would appreciate the LYNX 18’s five unique operating modes. This includes dialing in the perfect balance of comfort with the unit’s QuickLink™ Inverter Technology, which was designed to help ensure consistent dehumidification and temperature levels no matter the location or humidity level.

“Inverter systems provide a distinct advantage when it comes to efficiency, quality and comfort,” Murphy says. “They outshine standard conventional AC units across the board if installed correctly. We’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback from contractors, whose customers have raved about the phenomenal way their inverter systems cooled their homes.” 

He feels the LYNX system will benefit both dealers and contractors. “The performance levels coupled with the ability to match with existing air handlers should make the unit an easy sell for contractors,” he says. “All the information is right there, installers can look at the back of the panel to find all the wiring diagrams, step-by-step instructions and the error codes.” According to Allied Air, online courses are also available to help contractors make the easy transition from standard system installs to the LYNX 18.

Murphy firmly believes that dealers and contractors can convert homeowners who may not have considered inverter-style systems in the past. “This is high-end technology at an affordable price—and includes the ability to not only save on the install, but also reduce energy costs,” he explained. Allied Air has research showing that LYNX can help homeowners reduce their energy consumption by up to 44% when compared to an older 10 SEER model and up to 22% annually compared to today’s standard 14 SEER single-stage heat pumps. In addition, the unit’s Quiet Shift™ Technology and sound-isolating compressor mounts, which deliver noise levels at 50% of the sound you would typically hear on a 14 SEER single stage heat pump.

“There are numerous clear-cut benefits associated with the use of this system,” added Murphy. “Performance, quiet comfort, versatility and affordability are all part of the equation. The ability to connect with most existing air handlers and thermostats will also make the LYNX 18 more accessible to regular homeowners, who previously thought they could not afford the latest high-efficiency HVAC systems.”