As one of the HVAC and sheet metal industry's go-to companies for ductwork components and accesories, Dynamic Fastener is always looking to develop new products "that will benefit the HVAC Contractor," says company manager Ken Webb. 

The company's new rapid penetrating, sharp pointed HVAC screws put a fine point on that statement and more. 

The HVAC screws will fasten sheet to ductwork up to .048” max thickness without pre-drilling. Additionally, because it self-pierces instead of drilling, metal shavings are practically eliminated.

dynamic fastener HSWH screw

The screws are ideal for metal-to-metal applications where total material thickness is not heavier than 18 gauge. The fine threads near the point (figure 1) facilitate the extra quick time to fasten and the coarser threads under the head (figure 2) create a proper bite into the metal.

The geometrical combination of the special point, threads and stout head allow this screw to be driven at angles. Stocked in ¾” length, the HVAC screws are available in 5/16” HWH and #2 phillips wafer head. Both are zinc plated and have the serrated face to avoid strip-out.