The Unico System has revolutionized the connection system for its flexible supply tubing, reducing the steps and time involved in the installation of its products. 

The longtime leader in small-duct high velocity (SDHV) central heating and cooling, The Unico System, uses flexible tubing in either 2-inch (51mm) or 2.5-inch (64mm) inner diameter configurations to deliver conditioned air to various rooms within a structure.  The flexibility and small size of the supply tubing, main ducting (one-third that of conventional HVAC systems), and compact, modular nature of its air handling units make it the preferred method of heating and cooling for structures with tight spaces. 

Due to its ability to fit into buildings without altering the character and integrity of the space, The Unico System is the HVAC choice for preservationists and owners of traditional, historically significant homes and modern custom-designed homes that require efficient comfort that doesn’t detract from the original design.

In addition to its small size and minimal impact on aesthetics, the energy efficiency and superior comfort available with The Unico System has also made it the preferred method for heating and cooling high-performance and low-load homes, including structures that have achieved LEED, Net-Zero, or Zero Energy Ready status.

Consisting of lock-and-release tabs making it easier and faster to assemble, Twist-Fit couplings are attached to lengths of sound attenuator or standard supply tubing by threading the base of the coupling into the inner core of the tubing.  The internal insulation and outer mylar jacket of the supply tubing are then tucked into the rim of the Twist-Fit and the connection is secured with UL-181B foil tape.  Matching Twist-Fit couplings are attached to the desired plenum take-offs, terminating outlets, or additional lengths of supply tubing.  To make a connection, the installer simply lines up the tabs to their corresponding slots and twists clockwise until a click is heard.  At least one Twist-Fit connector must have a gasket to prevent leakage.  At this time, Twist-Fit connectors are only available for 2-inch inner diameter take-offs, supply tubing, and outlets.

“Unico was founded by HVAC contractors and we make a conscious effort to solicit feedback from our installing contractor base,” said Unico, Inc. president Phil Coerper. “The new Twist-Fit connecting system is the latest in a number of product and customer service improvements  - including the modularization of our M1218 air handlers, the addition of a double vapor barrier to Unico supply ducts and sound attenuating tubing, our UniConcierge dedicated internal team, and our Text-A-Tech (314-222-2487) service for instant in-the-field help - in our efforts to make Unico System installations as easy and hassle-free as possible for professional installers.”

The Unico Twist-Fit SystemTM connectors will replace all existing 2-inch coupling methods for Unico System supply duct components.