Fresh-Aire UV has introduced an environmental surface disinfection system, a stationary ceiling-mounted ultraviolet light system that irradiates potential health care-associated infection pathogens on frequently used surfaces. The system is a no-touch disinfection, fully customizable system designed for health care rooms and spaces, and requires no maintenance other than lamp replacement. In addition to surface disinfection, the system can also disinfect airborne biological contaminants that pass through the UV field via air convection. The product line consists of several sizes of dual or single power-coated white aluminum, commercial-grade fixture housings and a lifetime warranty of 120- or 230-volt power supplies. The system’s lamps have an ozone-free, 254-nanometer UV spectrum, 12,000-hour lifecycle and a shatterproof Teflon bulb coating encapsulation option.

Fresh-Aire UV

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