Spectronics Corp. says its TES-31 helps help prevent refrigerant cross-contamination in HVAC systems and recovery equipment, ensuring the purity of the system and protecting the integrity of the service equipment. Using the straps is a win/win situation for both the building owner and the service technician, officials say. For the owner, the straps ensure that the HVAC system hasn’t been contaminated with a foreign refrigerant, which can affect system performance and longevity. For the technician, the straps guard against unqualified repairs and costly comebacks.

The straps are fast, safe and easy to install. Simply position the strap over the service port, tighten the strap and trim the excess. No special tools are needed to apply the straps and the port is secured from contamination. To complete the installation, just apply the label provided and record the unique serial number found on the strap. The straps come in a convenient zip-lock storage bag complete with 10 tamper-proof tie straps with serial numbers and matching labels..

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