Since its introduction in 2012, Ebm-papst’s AxiTop diffuser has been used in a wide array of applications, specifically for rooftop refrigeration condensers and heat exchangers around the world, the manufacturer says. With AxiTop, fans operate more quietly and efficiently, they say. The diffuser is made of either lightweight, durable plastic material or steel and can easily be installed and retrofitted to existing Ebm-papst fans. FanDiffuser_IN

The diffuser works like a reversed nozzle and, through its pressure-boosting effectiveness, reduces discharge losses substantially. The AxiTop diffuser contributes up to a 25 percent reduction in the fan’s energy consumption and an 8-decibel reduction in noise. With the same power consumption, an AxiTop-equipped fan can simultaneously generate up to a 9 percent higher flow rate and accomplish an approximate 4.9-decibel reduction in noise.

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