Malco says its AVsMini snips easily work where full-size aviation snips are challenged. Forged steel jaws produce a long-lasting, sharply defined cutting edge.  A ¾-inch cut length and sure-gripping serrations on the lower jaw blade provide optimum controlled speed and accuracy for tight or awkward cutting locations. AVsMini left and right offset cutting models offer superior material flow in 24-gauge, cold-rolled and galvanized steel for making sharp square cuts, officials say. Snips_IN

Also easy are tight, 5-inch-diameter circles and straight line cuts, even on curved surfaces.  Soft, non-slip grip contours and an easily accessible handle opening are suitable for any size hand, the company says. The torsion-spring-actuated, hardened steel-core handles will not pinch or collapse and a self-opening handle latch will not catch on material or accidentally close. 

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