Hranec Corporation, located south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has evolved as a major ductwork manufacturer. For the past 20 years, Hranec Corp. has earned a reputation in the ductwork manufacturing market, particularly in the Northeastern part of the country. 

The company is widely recognized for its customized Spiral and Oval fabrication. New for 2021, the company has expanded into the roof curb and rail market, creating a one stop shop for HVAC ductwork and roof products. Particularly beneficial for HVAC supply houses: Hranec is the only manufacturer in the industry that can completely stock any HVAC warehouse ranging from curbs, equipment rails, spiral and oval pipe, round and oval fittings, take off taps and access doors.

In addition to roof curbs and ductwork, Hranec also has an extensive line of roof portals, non-penetrating roof duct and pipe supports, and a VRF condenser stand built on the back of the Hranec Might Mount. All products are available in galvanized, paint grip, stainless steel and PVC.

The state-of-the-art roof curb and equipment rail shop produces roof curbs, equipment rails, standing seam curbs, pitched curbs and adaptor curbs. Also, all curb accessories such as burglar bars, damper trays, sound baffles and vibration rails are a part of the Hranec product line. They have 7-day lead times with quick ship options available. President Steve Hranec says the new curb and equipment rail manufacturing shop has the latest equipment to provide shorter lead time and fill high volume orders.

The entire project took a little over a year to complete, with the new fabrication facility equipped with 3 over-head cranes for fabricating large curbs. Hranec always provides lifting lugs with large-sized roof curbs, making it easier for the installing contractor to unload and lift to the roof area. The shop also went green on all its utility considerations. For instance, the entire lighting system is LED with motion sensor overhead bay lights.

Joel Harkins, the outside sales rep for Hranec’s roof products line, is dedicated to a quick turnaround time on quoting. Joel was excited about the opening of the new fabrication facility. Joel has always had the moto that no is not an option when it comes to his customers and with this new facility there isn’t a request that we feel we can’t fulfill.

Joel Harkins, roof products sales rep, stands next to Mighty Mount VRF support stands. Photo courtesy of Hranec  Call Hranec Corporation today at 724-437-2211 or contact Joel Harkins at