Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp.’s T2630 perforated and solid metal wall panels were used to clad a 10,500-square-foot Los Angeles condo.

The modern, six-unit residential structure, called Cloverdale749, is located near a collection of city landmarks, including the historic Miracle Mile hub, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the A&D Architecture and Design Museum.

Los Angeles-based architectural firm Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects decided to build Cloverdale749 to the maximum allowed size, to provide the most interior and exterior living spaces for residents. The firm said it needed a sustainable cladding material with a long lifespan that was also aesthetically compatible with the architectural design. That’s where Metal Sales’ 100 percent recyclable T2630 wall panels came in.

“Through prior experience with Metal Sales, we know that the cladding is a quality product with a long life cycle, needing little maintenance while retaining its color and durability,” said LOHA President Lorcan O’Herlihy. “Additionally, Metal Sales has always been very responsive and supportive of our designs. They are helpful and committed to the detailing we strive to bring to our work. It’s been a successful collaboration.”

O’Herlihy added that the sustainable wall panels, which were provided in linen white, help reduce the building’s energy consumption for cooling.

“A holistic strategy is applied to all of our projects, looking at passively sustainable elements that may be incorporated into the building’s design,” he said. “The recycled content, recyclability and white color of the metal panels are sustainable attributes within the building’s skin. The cladding also helps prevent light from penetrating the glazing on three facades, thus cooling the interface of the exterior and reducing the demand for cooling energy.”

 The Cloverdale749 project team included Metal Sales, and general contractor Fortis 17 of Pacific Palisades, Calif.