Any manufacturer can equip a shop with machinery. It’s the people operating the machinery that make the business a success or failure. Such is the belief at MKT Metal Mfg.

The Latin word for King is Rex. Maybe that’s why MKT's Department Manager, Rex Daniels, is the King of Spiral, and all of his loyal, hardworking spiral production crew are his Knights. At least that’s how MKT’s customers see it. Why? Because they know their build schedules are served and protected by Rex and his crew.  

Established in 2004, MKT Metal Mfg. set out to become the premier supplier of sheet metal duct. Their original, humble 15,000-square foot facility didn’t have the room for spiral manufacturing. It wasn’t until 2009 that MKT started spiral production in another facility nearby. As word spread throughout the I-95 markets and beyond, MKT grew. The growth was not just inspired by the end product but by the sincere care, communication and commitment of MKT’s entire team. Now, back to spiral.  

After spiral production started in 2009, MKT realized how many specifications listed in public work, plan/spec projects (especially schools) were on gasketed spiral systems. In order to get in the game, MKT signed up as a licensed manufacturer of SPIRAmir gasketed spiral duct systems. Within time and many “lunch and learns” at numerous engineering/design firms, SPIRAmir became an excepted “equal” to other competitive gasketed systems.  

MKT has always been a leader in offering value added to its products and services. If there’s a way to minimize field labor costs, MKT will provide it, especially as labor shortages continue to be the focus of the construction industry today.  

About a decade ago, MKT was asked to provide all the rooftop duct for a large food processing operation. The client saw the savings we could offer by pre-insulating and weatherizing spiral duct in lieu of the typical labor-intensive method of placing rectangular duct on the roof first and insulating afterwards. This launched MKT’s successful product, Weatherguard, a ten-year warranted rooftop duct system.  

Recently, MKT has experienced growth in copper duct sales. When mechanical designers, architects and builders are looking for that special accent in business design, they’ve been calling for MKT copper duct for that special touch. Aside from being eye candy, copper is also a natural antimicrobial.

MKT also stocks and manufactures with Agion antimicrobial-coated sheet metal. Epoxy, with parts per billion of silver, is baked onto the surface of US domestic, G90 steel. When used in duct systems, Agion coated duct is a preventative measure against a full spectrum of microbial growth, including molds and mildews. It’s also an economical, corrosion-resistant alternative to stainless steel.

But no matter what machinery or processes are offered by a manufacturer, the real effort comes from the personnel – the folks on the floor who make it happen every day. MKT is blessed to have one of the best work forces in the industry. MKT would be nothing without the commitment and dedication of their workforce. We asked them to comment on what MKT means to them.

When asked to contribute to this article, this is what we were told:

“We go above and beyond to get the work done on time, meaning we will come in early and stay late to make customers happy and keep coming back. We are always about quality, not quantity.”

“I enjoy running the spiral machine. I love the group of guys I work with in the spiral shop.  MKT is the best company to work for.”

“I like coming in and greeting everyone in the morning. Everyone is willing to do whatever is needed, regardless of the job size. We all pull together to give the customer a quality product, on time.”

In today’s automated, digitized world, we still can’t replace the need for people to make it happen. Catering to the chaotic construction cycles and schedules is not always easy. Demands are heavy and at times, very stressful. But time and time again, the MKT manufacturing team steps up to meet the needs of our customers. This is the MKT WAY, from the time we opened our doors with 7 guys in 2004. It will continue, long into the future.