Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a machining process that discharges electric sparks from two electrodes on a metal sheet to detach the desired shape. Also called spark machining, it employs spark application techniques for cutting metal. Amid the many types of EDM, wire and sinker have gained more traction.

In the past decade, Wire EDM has grown significantly. The tool electrode in wire EDM is a wire. The technique used here is to wind wire between the two spools. The machine's motion causes the active part of the wire to switch continuously to produce sparks, which prevents the metal from corroding itself.  

CAD/CAM systems have contributed much to this increase because it makes the process of EDM electrode design and manufacturing simple. A practical and automated hi-tech system that promises high productivity is indispensable for businesses to combat competition and emerge as winners. 

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) design and manufacture production run, prototypes, and end products. It is a complete solution to the CNC Machining industry as it integrates all processes from design to manufacture.

Here are some of the benefits of using CAD/CAM Software:

Augments Prospective Programing

CNC machining companies discovered a packed avenue of possibilities for their business after adding CAD/CAM to their toolbox. 

The prime prospect is in its capacity to undertake 3-Axis machining jobs, otherwise hard to do. Add re-machining features and options to facilitate fast and easy multiaxis machining with 4 or 5-axis machines, and it simplifies complex machining processes like mold work. 

It createsNumeric Control (NC) or toolpath programs through CAD/CAM solutions. These processes are difficult to measure manually or by machines without such software. CAD/CAM streamlines total process automation with an option for re-machining programs in parts.

Grow Your Clientele

Install CAD/CAM solutions at your enterprise to cater to your client's needs by directly receiving their CAD files. Utilize this feature by requesting 3D files such as DXF or DWG formats to work with wireframe files and IGES, STEP to set up with surface or solid model files. 

The process is simple: open the CAD file, set up a re-machining program for the machining process, and simultaneously perform all the jobs and time cycle calculations to extract valuable information to quote. The merging of advanced technology in CNC machining and CAD/CAM solutions ensures that manufacturers deliver the end product to the market faster. 

With CAD/CAM in Wire EDM, you can manage, stimulate, test, and produce efficiently for faster project completion.

Optimization Job Programming

The latest advanced serviceability of CAD/CAM is an integrated solution that allows you to monitor and modify jobs from start to finish. It gives excellent user control over the machining process and simultaneously provides a capture and reuse option for subsequent use. The solution offers built-in benefits that allow you to work with any contoured die, mold, cavity shape, or profile. 

You can control every cutting parameter, automatic threading, offsetting, wire position, variable and constant taper. The latest improvisation to the CAD/CAM techniques is auto-fix, size of a better part disengage, and control of the remnant. It allows you to gain the flexibility to make changes and iterations in CNC machining.

Reduced Errors in Machining

The level of automation that CAD-CAM ensures eliminates errors to provide maximum programming efficiency. The machining step, setting cutting depths, choosing re-machining styles, managing cutter lead-in and lead-outs, and selecting tools, are pre-set by adept machining programmers to guide the operator. 

You can edit the settings as you use the CAD/CAM system to perfect it and save it for future use. The technology wizard helps beginners in successful machining while it provides sufficient challenge to experienced programmers with utilities to produce complex designs into error-free parts.

Optimizes Your CNC Machining Tool

Specific post-processors are a must for the structured working of a machine. This calls for the need to design technology wizards and post-processors that enable the user to safely output products quickly. CAD/CAM software is adept in generating machine optimal cutting strategies for any specific machine and job. 

The EDM CAM software is highly advanced and offers the users a double advantage: the opportunity to use high-level automation and a byproduct of the automation, i.e., error-free productivity. It also provides many benefits, such as a reduction in tool wear and tear because of lesser cycle time. The specialized tools affect quality cutting by eliminating stop and go methodology of traditional machining. The cutting tool constantly engages with the workpiece because of the high-speed circular motions to give deeper and better cuts. 

Optimum Use of Resources

The software enables users to closely monitor the machining process to detect expensive tool cut-outs and collisions before entering the machine. The simulation techniques give details concerning the re-machining process, cycle times, and part deviation analysis to quote for effective product presentations. The simulations on a higher level help in the structured use of the machine's energy in motion to work it, with the real-time machine tool visibility. 


The benefits of CAD/CAM solutions in Wire EDM are clear indicators of the dependence of CNC machining on such software for increasing business and profits. Automated and economical CAD/CAM systems are clever, fast, and simple to use. These systems aim at the highest level of CAM precision and efficiency to reduce the processes for users.