Powder-coated products are now available from Hartzell Air Movement, company officials announced. 

Using a new paint-booth process, it will increase consistency and quality by eliminating solvents. 

“Our powder-coat paint booth has many advantages,” said Tom Gustafson, the company’s chief technology officer. “The process is inherently safer and cleaner than other paint lines and the paint covers our products better, even in tiny crevasses as well as around edges.”  

Powder coating also eliminates efficiency by cutting out pre-mixing, stirring or adjusting viscosity. 

“This curing and cross-linking process bonds the powder coating to the surface of the substrate and creates a very durable and long-lasting finish,” added Hartzell President Sean Steimle. “Our fans are installed in very corrosive environments and we are constantly looking into ways to increase the lifespan of our fans for our customers.”