Five global HVAC sheet metal fabrication giants have joined forces after Spiral-Helix, Inc. acquired Vicon Machinery, LLC and Plasma Automation, Inc.

On February 8, 2024, Vicon Machinery and Plasma Automation joined Sprial-Helix, along with Firmac UK Ltd and Spiro International SA, as a part of the duct automation division of Lindab AB. By combining their respective expertise and resources, they are unlocking new possibilities, and raising the bar for excellence in the HVAC sheet metal industry.

Spiral-Helix: Pioneering precision HVAC duct manufacturing

Spiro International SA and Spiral-Helix, Inc. have long been recognized as leaders in the design and manufacturing of high-quality machinery for the HVAC industry. Their innovative approach, coupled with a dedication to precision engineering, has set them apart in a competitive market landscape.

From spiral duct machines to plasma cutting systems, Spiral-Helix, Inc. continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering solutions that optimize efficiency, quality, and performance. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a keen eye for emerging trends, they remain at the forefront of HVAC duct manufacturing industry.

Vicon Machinery and Plasma Automation: Revolutionizing HVAC duct manufacturing

Vicon Machinery, LLC and Plasma Automation, Inc. are renowned for their expertise in HVAC duct fabrication equipment, with cutting-edge solutions tailored to the customer’s unique needs. They have a rich history spanning decades, Vicon Machinery, LLC and Plasma Automation, Inc. have earned a reputation for reliability, innovation, and unparalleled customer support.

Their comprehensive product lineup includes full coil lines, rollformers, HVAC laser cutting systems, plasma cutting tables, all with software solutions designed to streamline workflow and maximize productivity. By leveraging advanced technologies and listening closely to customer feedback, Vicon Machinery, LLC and Plasma Automation, Inc. continue to drive innovation in HVAC duct fabrication.

Synergy and technology 

Together, Spiral-Helix, Spiro International SA, Vicon Machinery, Plasma Automation and Firmac UK Ltd are developing integrated solutions that will seamlessly merge spiral and rectangular duct manufacturing, offering customers a comprehensive suite of machinery to enhance their operations. This not only drives innovation but also their commitment to delivering value-driven solutions that empower their customers to succeed.

Looking ahead: A future of innovation

Through the duct automation division, Lindab AB continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The future looks brighter than ever.  With a shared vision of innovation and customer-centricity, they are poised to shape the global HVAC duct manufacturing landscape for years to come.