Ductmate Industries and Linx Industries, divisions of DMI Companies Inc., have partnered with Airthings to offer a complete and flexible indoor air quality monitoring solution for any building.  

Ductmate and Linx will offer the Airthings Space Hub for device networking and data collection, and the Space Pro and Space CO2 Mini sensors for in-room monitoring to help map out issues within building owners’ facilities and target the root causes of poor air quality and energy inefficiency. These three products can be configured to meet the needs of virtually any small to medium-sized commercial or institutional structure, including schools, offices, hospitals and more.

Depending on the product, Airthings devices monitor particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), airborne chemicals (VOCs), temperature and more, as well as its virtual sensors that monitor occupancy and virus risk. Paired with the Airthings dashboard, Airthings devices help users monitor data remotely in real time and take action in their building to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

“As the world leader in HVAC products, services, and design, DMI is proud to partner with Airthings, “DMI Companies’ President and CEO Ray Yeager said. “This partnership will further aid us in our efforts to improve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of buildings. We are committed to creating positive change within the industry.”

The Airthings for Business solution is now available for purchase. Contact Ductmate or Linx for more information.

About DMI Companies Inc.

DMI Companies Inc. is the world leader in HVAC products, services and design, comprised of four strategic business units: Ductmate Industries, Aire Technologies, GreenSeam Industries and Linx Industries.  DMI strives to remain the preferred manufacturer and supplier of innovative, sustainable solutions while continuing to serve the commercial and industrial building industry.  For more information, visit www.dmicompanies.com.

About Airthings

Airthings is the global leader in indoor air quality and energy-efficiency solutions for homeowners, businesses, and professionals. Founded in 2008, Airthings is on a mission to ensure that people around the world recognize the impact of indoor air quality and take control of their health through simple, affordable and accurate technology solutions while optimizing energy consumption in buildings. To see the full range of Airthings indoor air quality monitors and radon detectors or to learn more about the importance of continuous air quality monitoring, visit airthings.com.