Designed to replace over 100 different types of sheet metal boxes and wyes used in a traditional HVAC system, the EZ Duct is a new product available to contractors. The parent company, L3R Air Products, introduced their new product to the HVAC community on February 6-8, at the AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

Offering a seamless airtight box and the ability to accept 4" ducts through 8" ducts, the EZ Duct allows users to save both time and money with a variety of features. With its virtually indestructible design, the EZ Duct cuts down the need for an inventory of wyes by more than 80%. Its unique functionality was made with the contractor in mind to create an exact application that has lacked in the field previously.

"After many years of owning an air conditioning company, we realized the need for a universal product that would replace the many sheet metal boxes and wyes sizes," said Larry Eversole, Co-Founder and CEO of EZ Duct and L3R Air Products. "President Robert Windt and I are so excited to finally share the EZ Duct with the industry and how it has been transformed from a sketch on paper to a fully functioning product."

With its minimal need for tools, the EZ Duct can be installed with a simple utility or pocket knife and virtually no screws. All EZ Duct boxes also include a complete flange and just one EZ Duct can replace over 30 sizes of entry points found on a more typical HVAC setup.

In launching the EZ Duct, L3R Air Products remains dedicated to their original vision of revolutionizing the HVAC industry for the wholesaler, contractor, and homeowner.

About the Company:

Founded in 2022, L3R Air Products, LLC's mission is to evolve the HVAC world by creating a product so versatile and functional that it replaces hundred's of skus, reduces inventory and simultaneously increases inventory space, all while making the installation process quicker and easier for everyone.