Sometimes a name says it all. Serving customers throughout the Northeast corridor, Southerntier Custom Fabricators in Elmira, New York, has earned a name for providing world-class HVAC air handling systems and specialty fabrications.

When it comes to spiral ductwork, Southerntier has completed installation work installed for some of the biggest names in commercial, institutional and industrial environments in New York.

And not just any names. Southerntier Custom Fabricators has provided spiral duct services for such high-profile projects as:

  • ADJ Metal’s installation in Amazon’s Washington D.C. office
  • Cool Wind Ventilation’s installation in 11 Penn Plaza, New York City
  • All-City Metal’s installation in Netflix offices in New York City
  • Blue Diamond Sheet Metal’s installation in 1 Vanderbilt Plaza, New York City

For all these projects, Southerntier turned to Owens Corning QuietR Spiral Duct Liner — a trusted name in duct liners.




A variety of sizes and consistency in material distribution make Owens Corning QuietR spiral duct liner easy to work with in the shop.

Below, Southerntier Custom Fabricators owner Ian Morrell talks about what the company considers when selecting a duct liner for its three spiral pipe machines and three ovalizing machines.

What factors matter when it comes to duct liner?

A duct liner must be easy to handle in the shop and easy to slide into the round and oval spiral. Good consistency in a duct liner is paramount to achieving a smooth process. If the material balls up, there is no choice but to stop and start over. The Owens Corning QuietR Spiral Duct Liner has a good fiber density that peels out smoothly so it can be cut, prepped and ready for installation.

How is a higher focus on sanitation in 2020 impacting operations?

A clean hygienic space has always been part of our approach and today, sanitation is on everyone’s mind. We’ve installed additional ventilation in our plants and added UV lights to support sanitation.

The EPA-registered biocide on the QuietR Spiral Duct Liner is a nice added layer of protection.

What other considerations influence your choice of spiral duct liner?

Southerntier Custom Fabricators can manufacture spiral pipe and fittings up to 98” diameter round and oval up to 120”x36.” We use the QuietR Spiral Duct Liner in 1,” 1.5” and 2” sizes. This variety allows us to serve a broader spectrum of customers.

At the end of the day, we trust Owens Corning to deliver a consistent, high-quality duct liner that is easy to handle. Consistency has been a priority for Southerntier Custom Fabricators since our founding in 1982.


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This article originally appeared in the January 2021 issue of SNIPS magazine.