Here are three reasons why ongoing professional development is worth the time commitment for HVAC technicians.

Earn a higher salary

While the average salary for an HVACR tech is $50,590, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, HVACR techs with years of experience in addition to certifications can make much more. Although certifications are not mandatory, earning NATE credits through free training programs allows you to stay competitive in the industry and gives you the benefits of receiving a salary on the higher end of the scale. What’s more, those with extra certifications under their belt engender a sense of security and build deeper trust with clients as techs who are going above and beyond the basic trainings are perceived as more committed to their field.  

Keep up with evolving technologies  

Technology has made drastic changes in everything we know. That includes the HVACR industry – from systems to tools. In the mid-1840s, the first ice-making machine was invented by Dr. John Gorrie. Today, new compression technologies that do not require refrigerants are being talked about. 

It is because of this evolution in technology that HVACR professionals should always look to continue enhancing their skills and knowledge. Whether learning about the latest best practices for refrigerant recovery or how to pull a faster system evacuation, there is always something new to learn. Plus, with so many new tools on the market, it’s always valuable to understand the myriad ways advanced tools can help get jobs done easier, faster and better—ultimately saving time and money.  

Be a trusted HVACR professional 

Getting additional credits and certifications takes extra time and dedication as you do need to carve out time from your busy schedule to take courses and tests, ensuring you are building out your skills even further. Being a certified HVACR professional has many benefits, including having increased credibility. When techs are certified, because of their extra training and increased technical knowledge, they are generally perceived as higher value and thought of as a professional that will get the job done right the first time around.  

The benefits to becoming a certified HVACR professional are endless. With emerging technologies come groundbreaking HVACR tools and complicated HVACR systems that pros need to stay on top of. What better way to do this than to continue enhancing your knowledge and skillset?  

Courses offered by Fieldpiece University (FPU) not only teach you new skills, but also offer details about tools, their benefits and tips for using them in the field. Plus, Fieldpiece University courses are quick and can easily be accessed online! Perhaps most importantly, Fieldpiece University helps you achieve your goals of a higher salary thanks to NATE credits; and keeping up with evolving technologies ensures you remain a master of your trade.