As cold temperatures set in, your customers are going to start firing up their furnaces and heat pumps. It’s up to you to make sure they work without a hitch. When you’re maintaining or repairing a system, you need tools you can rely on with confidence.

Did you know that the company you turn to for all your air conditioning repair and service tools also knows about heating? Fieldpiece offers a line-up of high-quality, professional grade tools to help technicians conquer heating season.

Our range of high-quality tools includes CO detectors, combustion checkers, temperature probes, clamp meters, manometers and more – tools you need to service and repair your customers’ heating systems and furnaces. Our robust product line caters to all HVACR professionals, from service residential to commercial heating systems.

Plus, as a company by HVACR pros for HVACR pros, Fieldpiece understand the challenges you face including hot pipes, boilers, super-heated steam and high-pressure gasses that all too often result in burns. Therefore, all of our tools are engineered with safety and efficiency in mind.

Each of these products is designed to handle the rigors of life in the field. They are reliable, rugged, versatile, accurate and help get the job done faster. Furthermore, some Fieldpiece heating products are also part of the Job Link® System, enabling techs to wirelessly monitor their progress on the Job Link® App from up to 1000’ away.

As techs begin to pivot from working on air conditioning units to heating systems, whether reading from a duct or register, the Job Link® System Flex Psychrometer Probe, JL3RH is a game-changing tool to have in your bag during heating season. Not only does it now withstand extreme duct temperature as high as 250°F, but the JL3RH has a strong magnetic hanger that lets you install it just about anywhere on the system. With a simple and quick firmware update, which you will be automatically prompted with upon connecting your current device to the Job Link® App, you will receive the expanded measurement range. 

If you find you need to troubleshoot a circuit board, the Swivel Clamp Meter, SC680 is a must-have. This powerful tool offers a bright dual display and is versatile enough to work on everything from residential furnaces to large commercial units—putting a host of electrical measurements right in the palm of your hands.

The Manometer Dual Port with Pressure Switch Tester, SDMN6 has the ranges to measure gas pressures so you can ensure the gas regulator is functioning properly. It’s rugged and durable, with a large screen that offers resolution down to 0.01″ WC for static pressures. Plus, this device has a pressure switch tester that can find faulty pressure switches and can calibrate adjustable pressure switches.

To ensure the safety of homeowners and techs conducting services and repairs around the homes of customers, the Carbon Monoxide Detector, SCM4 is the right tool to confide in. With a fast reaction time, measuring CO in parts per million (ppm), testing is quick and safer than ever. Its electrochemical sensor is fast enough for a walk-around test, responding to changes in CO levels in real time. What’s more, devices like the Combustion Checker with Auto Pump, SOX3, are awesome when a full combustion analysis isn’t required, giving techs the essential measurements needed to tune combustion equipment.