If you have a sheet metal-forming project in mind but aren’t sure which machine is the right fit, an upcoming webinar has answers. Join live on May 19 to listen to RAS Systems present on the different options they offer, with the opportunity to ask questions about the products during the event.

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RAS Systems Business Development Manager Gordon Green will discuss their sheet metal fabrication equipment lineup. Green will spend the hour-long webinar discussing how metal-forming equipment users can reduce machine setup time without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. 

He’ll also discuss spare part availability and the role spare parts play in machine selection for customers.

He says the webinar will cover several specialized machines for bending, cutting and forming along with fabricating machine software built to save on time and costs. RAS Systems designs these machines to require minimal resources to operate. They are energy efficient, and with custom fabricating software, they’re designed to produce precise products that result in less waste.