DiversiTech Corp., a leading aftermarket manufacturer and supplier of highly-engineered components for residential and light commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R), announced today that it has merged with Fresh-Aire UV, a leader in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry.

“The addition of Fresh-Aire UV, a market leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), into the DiversiTech brand portfolio further strengthens our product leadership and our ability to deliver unmatched product breadth, service and convenience to our customers,” said Andy Bergdoll, DiversiTech CEO.  “The IAQ product range will bolster our core offering and further strengthen our value proposition to our HVAC/R Distribution Partners.”

UV-C light has been shown to reduce certain airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and mold.  Fresh-Aire UV’s award-winning UV-C disinfecting light and carbon odor control products for commercial and residential HVAC/R systems include Blue-Tube UV®, a popular germicidal UV light, the revolutionary APCO-X® PCO/Carbon air treatment system, and Mini LED, the first LED light system designed specifically for mini-split AC systems. 

Fresh-Aire UV is continually striving to engineer, develop, and market products to meet the demand for a greener world and a healthier environment. The popular germicidal UV light systems for central air systems helps improve Indoor Air Quality, enhances HVAC/R system performance, and reduces maintenance costs.

“Joining forces with DiversiTech will provide us with a greater level of scale, resources and capabilities to accelerate our growth and bring Fresh-Aire UV to an even wider audience,” stated Chris Willette, Fresh-Aire UV President and CEO. “All while preserving our unique culture and unwavering commitment to innovative products.”

“Fresh-Aire UV and DiversiTech are focused on our HVAC/R Distribution Partners and Contractors,” stated Ron Saunders, Fresh-Aire UV VP of Sales, “and we will continue to work to develop and deliver state-of-the-art products to meet the current demand of this surging market.”