As sheet metal workers return to job sites around the country, we are putting a special callout to readers like you to join in a new interactive feature that will showcase your company’s latest work on

Participating is easy. Snap a few good (clear) photos with your smartphone, tell us what kind of project you’re working on and submit everything here to be featured in the story. It’s that simple. 

Ask yourself: What makes this sheet metal project special? Were there any challenges in getting the job started? Were there any issues during installation? Big or small, we want to hear it all!

With our recent evolution from print to digital magazine and resource for sheet metal workers, we at SNIPS have recognized that the needs of the sheet metal trade are evolving, too. With that said, we also recognize that some things still, and should, stay the same. And if there is one thing we wouldn’t change about the sheet metal trade, it’s the quality of our work.

More than anything, we hope the photos we receive from readers like you will inspire the next generation of sheet metal workers to rise up and work through any obstacles that may stand in their way. Whether you are an apprentice, in manufacturing, fabrication or out in the field, we want to celebrate all of the “essential” skills sheet metal workers use to build this country, and show everyone that nothing stops the skilled trades. Nothing.

P.S. The best photos often lead to some of the best stories we’ve ever featured SNIPS, so submit early and submit often.

Emell Derra Adolphus

Editor-In-Chief, SNIPS