The Sheet Metal Workers' International Association (SMART) has come out in solidarity with global protests calling for racial justice over the death of George Floyd, an African-American resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was killed by police last month

In a recently released statment, the sheet metal union called for an end to silence in the face of racial injustice: 

Protests in both the United States and Canada have been used to focus upon racial justice in our communities. SMART stands united with those who are committed to peacefully work towards a racially just society that provides the freedom of opportunity to all.

Many of our fellow citizens are hurting. We cannot be silent in the quest to achieve much needed social change. We equally stand against those who uphold racism, bigotry and violence. Make no mistake, fighting racism is a labor issue. Bigotry and racism have been used to prevent working people from securing a voice in the workplace for the course of our existence. It is used to divide and conquer by pitting workers against each other. This cannot continue and we must focus on real change and for reforms that address issues of racial and economic inequality.

Over the course of this pandemic, there has been a shift toward caring and empathy. Together, we protect each other. We want you to know that you are our sisters and brothers, that you are our community, that you matter to us! We were moved by our brother, Pastor Paul, “The only reason to look down on someone is to give them a hand up.”

Through our strategic plan we continue our enhanced commitment for systematic change for women and people of color within the industries we represent through our actions and dedicated resources across the United States, Canada and our Labor Movement. We will continue this path and focus to bring about real change. We encourage all members, our industry partners and our communities to join in these efforts.

One life lost is one life too many. Our deepest sympathies and heart break lie with the family of George Floyd as well as the many others whose lives were tragically cut short before him. We urge all to remember them through a peaceful struggle towards racial equality for all and we condemn those engaging in violence, the destruction of property and the loss of jobs.

Earlier this week, the headquarters of the AFL-CIO was damaged during clashes in Washington, DC. As AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka noted, “We  will  clean up  the glass, sweep away the ashes and keep doing our part to bring a better day out of this hour of darkness and despair.”

“Our work and dedication to the prosperity and freedom for all working families will continue.”

The SMART union is one of the first skilled trades organizations to address the global protests. The statement is signed by Joseph Sellers, Jr., SMART general president, Joseph Powell, general secretary-treasurer, and Jeremy R. Ferguson, SMART Transportation Division president.