Majestic Steel USA is an essential part of the domestic supply chain for many sectors and industries including heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, ductwork and parts, construction products and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in transportation, appliance, agricultural, energy, electrical and military and defense.  

We support government projects as well as supplying other service providers in the wholesale and retail distribution space. These industries are critical to America, and Majestic Steel USA will continue to stay open to support North American business unless mandated otherwise by federal or state governments.  

Majestic Steel USA maintains a significant inventory of domestic sourced steel to support the spot and contract needs of its customers. The company has been in frequent communication with customers to stay current on how federal, state and local government actions are impacting their businesses while adjusting as necessary to continue supporting and servicing their needs. 

Demand for Majestic Steel USA’s products remains strong during this unprecedented time as they are integral to the country’s infrastructure, national security, economy, environment and public safety. Majestic Steel USA expects this to continue, driven by the need for our country to rebuild its infrastructure, industry, manufacturing and cities to truly be an independent nation.  

“More now than ever, we need to be an independent nation that builds self-sustaining ecosystems to protect and support the American people from future viruses or attacks on our country, its people and businesses.” says CEO and president of Majestic Steel, Todd Leebow.

Protecting Majestic Steel USA’s Workforce During COVID-19 Pandemic

Majestic Steel USA office associates have been working remotely from home since as early as March 12th when the company made the decision to institute a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy.

Those associates that need office access are following protocols defined by the company’s policy, which have been formally communicated to associates. With a rapidly changing environment around the coronavirus (COVID-19), leaders are frequently updating the policy and protocols pertaining to the coronavirus (COVID-19) to protect its associates while complying with Government mandates and suggestions.

Mobile Office Environment at Majestic Steel USA

Majestic Steel USA invested in a “mobile office environment” years ago, providing its associates with devices and tools to work from anywhere within their office space. This investment has given them the ability to transition office work to working remotely at home very seamlessly.

Majestic’s Information Technology team provides regular reminders on best practices and how to utilize the devices and tools provided. They maintain a virtual help desk to assist with any questions or technology issues. These capabilities have allowed associates to perform their normal day to day responsibilities from home while following government suggestions of social distancing.

Managing Operations Majestic Steel USA

Majestic Steel USA’s leadership team has scheduled standing conference calls and video conferences to timely address associate and business matters as they monitor the situation on a daily basis. They have also created group text message conversations for frequent and efficient communication to share updates and make real-time decisions.

Functional areas and cross-functional groups throughout the organization are doing the same with conference calls, video conferences, group text messaging and the use of other internal business tools to conduct day-to-day activities effectively and responsibly.

Majestic Steel USA views technology investments as a necessity in this day and age and uses it as a way to be more efficient, productive and transparent within the organization. This investment along with other investments made by Majestic Steel USA has given the company a competitive advantage in the steel industry and business community as a whole.

Majestic Steel USA Plant associates continue to show up to work as long as they are healthy and not tending to the health of a family member within their household. The company has continued to pay all associates with flu-like symptoms and/or experiencing any symptoms affiliated with coronavirus (COVID-19), including if a family member within their household is experiencing symptoms as well. Associates will not have to utilize PTO for this absence at this time.

Additionally, Majestic Steel USA has added “Wellness Stations” at all plant locations providing company approved products and supplies at no cost to the associates. The stations include, but are not limited to, bottled water with high pH levels, immunity and energy-boosting natural supplements, hand soaps and highly rated sanitizing wipes for humans and surfaces to maintain hygiene and a healthy environment for all associates.

The products and supplies sourced align with the company’s MissionZERO culture, emphasizing the importance of safety, sustainability and quality along with other operational processes throughout their business.

Communications updates from Majestic Steel USA

Formalized Majestic Communications, updates from the government as well as reference guides from government-trusted sources such as the CDC and World Health Organization are shared frequently through multiple delivery methods to reach associates, customers and other stakeholders.

Plant associates and visitors alike are limited to essential business matters only at this time and are required to have their temperature taken as they enter the property while practicing what Majestic is referring to as “physical distancing” at work.

Majestic Steel USA office and plant sites have been, and, or are scheduled to be disinfected this week by an approved third party cleaning service that specializes in disinfecting surfaces from bacteria and viruses. HVAC ductwork at company sites is also scheduled to be cleaned to promote healthy airflow in all locations.

Finally, to recognize the commitment and hard work of its plant associates to Majestic Steel USA and its customers during these uncertain times, Majestic Steel USA is giving each associate that has been coming onsite to work a one-time “Majestic TICKET” bonus of one thousand dollars net of taxes effective immediately. The Majestic TICKET represents the company’s commitment to its core values.