Thirty years after its first successful duct hardware invention and Rossi HVAC Hardware is still creating new things. No surprise, considering founder Vic Petrossian wants Rossi to be known for “constant innovation to make the ultimate duct hardware.” 

“Things move much faster today. I see the agility with which our team moves and the technologies they implement. Some of this is like magic to me,” Petrossian says. Next out of the company’s magic bag is the release of two new regulators, the Twistlock and Megalock.

The Twistlock is a hand twist-locking damper handle for 3/8-inch shaft, available in stainless steel or aluminum with a 1.5- or 2-inch standoff bracket. The Megalock is a positive-locking damper handle for a 1/2-inch shaft for rectangular blades and larger applications (18-inch diameter blades and larger). The original positive-locking regulator guarantees airflow stays balanced, and it exerts no force on the duct system. A single-hand operation handle indicates true blade position.

Rossi locks

“At Rossi, we pride ourselves on a company culture that is an idea meritocracy. That means that we maintain an environment in which ideas can come from anyone and everyone, and the best ideas for new innovations will always flow to the top,” says Petrossian. “This is the culture that has produced iteration after iteration of our various bushings, blades, regulators and accessories for duct shops.”

This story originally appeared in the January 2020 issue of SNIPS magazine.